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Intermediary Relationships


Intermediary Relationship: A tricky little concept that most buyers and sellers don’t know about, but should. The way an intermediary relationship is handled can make a huge impact on the level of service you receive, and the “deal” that you end up with.

It’s common for a buyer to start their house hunt online, find a great home that they want to see, call up the listing agent to schedule a showing, and eventually have that same agent write up an offer and represent them in the transaction. If the agent is representing the seller and the buyer both, this is an intermediary relationship WITHOUT appointments. This arrangement isn’t beneficial to the buyer or the seller, because the agent is not permitted to provide advice or opinions to either of the parties. The agent can’t recommend an offer price, advise either party on negotiating terms, provide advice on repair negotiations, etc. The agent at this point is basically a glorified paper pusher. The agent probably knows the lowest price the seller is willing to take and the highest price that the buyer is willing to pay, but can’t make any suggestions to either party. Why would you want to pay so much money to an agent who is not able to represent you to the full extent? If you’re looking for an agent to guide you through the transaction and help you get the best deal, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Intermediary Without Appointments is not in your best interest.

This method of double-ending a transaction is commonplace in the real estate industry. Agents are typically more than happy to represent both parties because they receive both sides of the commission. At Origen Realty, we think this arrangement makes it impossible to represent either party well. We prioritize our fiduciary duty to our clients above all else, and that’s why we are one of the only brokerages (if not the only brokerage) in the Greater Houston Area that has a policy against Intermediary Without Appointments.

At Origen Realty, we believe it is imperative for each party to be represented by their own agent who is advocating for their own interests. The only intermediary relationship we will enter into, is Intermediary WITH Appointments. If Origen Realty is working with both the buyer and the seller for a property, Origen Realty will (with the client’s written consent) appoint each party a separate agent. Origen Realty as a brokerage will act as an Intermediary for the two parties, and each appointed agent will be able to provide advice and guidance to their respective clients. Bottom line…In any real estate transaction, make sure that your agent is truly representing you. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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